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About Us

STS Group is an engineering service consultant firms in the civil engineering field. Our professional services can be categorized as follows.

Geotechnical engineering: Soil investigation, soil boring, in-situ testing, pile load test, instrumentation, geotechnical monitoring,
and engineering design

Structural engineering: Structural testing, structural survey, load testing, structural improvement design

Mapping and survey: Topographic mapping survey, 3D scan survey, Aerial photo, echo sounding survey

Road survey: GPR scan, laser profilometer IRI and Rutting, friction testing

Environmental Services: Environmental monitoring, environmental site assessment, marine environmental survey,
environmental laboratory, EIA report preparation

Construction Management: Project management, engineering design, and construction supervision

Software Development: Instrument database management, web-based monitoring system, GIS database management system

STS Group is an engineering service consultant firm in civil engineering field with more than 54 years of experiences, STS group has come to the advent of one of the most reliable engineering
service firms in Thailand. To date, over 60,000 assignments in Thailand and nearby countries have been completed by STS.

Currently, we have more than 500 employees, 100 groups of testing service teams, specialists, professional scientists,
and experienced technicians with high caliber. They are pleased to give you advice aiming at professional engineering
viewpoints and ethics.