Environmental Services Division
Provide environmental services comprising environmental impact assessment EIA report preparation, environmental quality monitoring e.g. ambient air quality, water quality, sound level, vibration level, aquatic ecology etc., soil and groundwater contamination test, and environmental laboratory services.
STS Green Company Limited (STS Green) provides environmental consultant services corresponding to the laws including environmental impact assessment (EIA) report preparation, environmental monitoring; e.g. ambient air, water quality, sound level, vibration level, aquatic ecology, and soil & groundwater contamination test, and environmental laboratory. Major clients are agencies requiring the environmental monitoring e.g. MRT projects (blue line, green line and orange line) of the Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority, petroleum production projects of PTTEP, land allocation of SC Asset, and factories within Ministerial Regulation on Soil and Groundwater Contamination Control in Factory Area, B.E. 2559 All of our services are performed by experts and officers certified by relevant government agencies. In addition, STS Green also provides environmental laboratory services registered with Department of Industrial Works (DIW) with ISO/IEC 17025 certification. Equipment applied in our laboratory complies with the standard method of U.S. EPA and Pollution Control Department (PCD) and is calibrated by Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) and other reliable agencies.

1. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report Preparation 
STS Green has registered with Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP) to be a juristic person who is able to conduct Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report preparation. Furthermore, STS Green also provides services on Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), public participation, and project summary animation.

2. Environmental Monitoring Services
STS Green provides environmental monitoring services by qualified and experienced officers using up-to-date equipment with quality control during collecting samples refer to a standard method or Thai standards. Our expertise in environmental monitoring includes;
  1. Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
  2. Sound and Noise Level Monitoring
  3. Vibration Level Monitoring
  4. Workplace Environmental Monitoring
  5. Water Quality Monitoring: surface water, groundwater, and wastewater
  6. Traffic Monitoring
  7. Environmental Mitigation Measures Compliance Audit



3. Marine Environmental Survey

STS Green provides services on marine environmental survey both coastal and offshore environment. Our services comprise water sampling, aquatic ecology sampling, and sediment sampling etc. in order to monitor marine environment during construction and operation period of projects.



4. Soil and Groundwater Contamination Test

STS Green provides soil and groundwater contamination test according to;
  • Ministry Regulation on Soil and Groundwater Contamination Control in Factory Area, B.E. 2559,
  • Notification of National Environmental Board No. 20 B.E.2543 Re: Groundwater Quality Standards,
  • Notification of National Environmental Board No. 25 B.E.2547 Re: Soil Quality Standards.
In addition, our services cover the phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to identify the potential sources of contamination and their boundary, monitoring well installation, and groundwater flow direction analysis.


5. Environmental Laboratory
STS Green is an environmental laboratory which is accredited for testing in accordance with the Thai Industrial Standard TIS 17025-2561 (2018) (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) indicating the qualified management system and technical correctness. Our services include soil, groundwater, and wastewater sample analysis which is registered as private laboratory with DIW. Moreover, our laboratory is also able to analyze surface water samples, seawater samples, and ambient air samples.


Development of projects together with protection of environment is the key of sustainable development of economic, social, and environmental aspects. Thailand, therefore, has enforced Promotion and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act, B.E. 2535 and Promotion and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act (No.2), B.E. 2561 which are the important laws to regulate projects maybe impacting on the environment. The enforcement of the Acts resulted in the specifying of types and sizes of projects must conduct the environmental impact assessment (EIA report), environmental standards, and monitoring environmental impact from projects operation.