Laboratory Testing

STS Corporation’s Soil drilling exploration and Geotechnical departments have available testing rooms for soil mechanics, soil testing, construction material quality testing such as crushed stone, Laterite and sand with high quality testing equipment from Europe and the United States. Test results are very accurate and the tests are carried out according to the standard procedure by engineers and experienced test staff which make the soil property data from the tests reliable and able to be used to design or control work flow efficiently. Testing tasks that the company provides are as follows:



3.1. Soil Classification

3.2. Soil Compaction Test

3.3. California Bearing Ratio Test (CBR)

3.4. Permeability Test

3.5. Consolidation Test

3.6. Constant Rate of Strain (CRS)

3.7. Shear Strength

3.7.1. Unconfined Compression Test
3.7.2. Direct Shear Test
3.7.3. Triaxial Test (UU, CU, CD)